More Customers, More Sales, More Profit

Venue: Amadeus House

How to get more customers, more sales and more profit directly to your business.

How do you really create more demand for your products? How do you 

Do you offer them something different, of better value and of greater benefit than they can get elsewhere? Or are you like most SMEs – undifferentiated in the product or service and customer experience that you offer?

We will explore how to attract customers and generate sales, particularly from your website, why it is important to keep existing customers happy rather than chasing new ones and we explain the concept of lifetime customer value (LCV). We discuss the benefits of creating a differentiated product or service and how you can ‘position’ it, how to increase market share and how you can charge premium prices. We look at the importance of website design and functionality and explain how SEO and PPC really work and what you can do to get to the top of the search rankings.

Topics will include market research, consumer behaviour, product value, branding and pitching, customer acquisition and retention, to build a regular income stream.We will cover areas of interest which are common to all businesses, including sales, marketing, pricing and finance, but it will go well beyond this to cover less common topics such as the mindset you need to succeed. We show how to motivate your staff and how to be an inspiring leader.

The format will be a talk by one of our strategists followed by a Q+A session.

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