Design and packaging for profits

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Have you ever wondered why some products ‘fly off the shelves’ whilst others gather dust?

Design and packaging for profits

The obvious answer is the quality of the product, but how do customers perceive quality before handling or trying the product? Without consciously realising it, they judge products on their design and packaging, factors that are routinely overlooked by many companies – to their cost!

Why is design and packaging so important? The reason for this is very simple. Good product design and packaging is the only way that you can visually communicate the essence and quality of your brand to potential customers. 

Design enables you to ‘position’ your product in the market and gives you the freedom to price your product for what it is worth. Apple is the ultimate example of this, with well designed products and superb packaging.

Unless you can catch customers’ attention and make a connection straight away, you are left to compete on price and this is unlikely to be successful as there will always be someone prepared to offer lower prices than you. 

Furthermore, budget pricing carries negative perceptions about the quality of your offering and limits your ability to move up the value chain and introduce higher priced products.

In short, good design allows you to communicate the right message and position your product to best advantage to your target market, promoting sales and helping to build your brand identity.

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